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A growing interest for women's tackle football led to the creation of the Western Women's Canadian Football League in 2011. Today, our league consists of seven teams in six major Canadian cities, spread across three provinces. Those seven teams are divided into two conferences; the Prairie Conference (out of Saskatchewan and Manitoba) and the Western Conference (out of Alberta). In the Prairie Conference, are the Regina Riot and the Saskatoon Valkyries from Saskatchewan, and the two Manitoba teams, the Winnipeg Wolfpack and the Manitoba Fearless (based out of Winnipeg). Over in the Western Conference are the Calgary Rage, the Edmonton Storm and the Lethbridge Steel.

WWCFL Champions

2011: Saskatoon Valkyries (def. Edmonton Storm)

2012: Saskatoon Valkyries (def. Lethbridge Steel

2013: Saskatoon Valkyries (def. Lethbridge Steel)

2014: Saskatoon Valkyries (def. Lethbridge Steel)

2015: Regina Riot (def. Edmonton Storm)

2016: Saskatoon Valkyries (def. Edmonton Storm)

2017: Regina Riot (def. Calgary Rage)

2018: Regina Riot (def. Saskatoon Valkyries)

2019: Saskatoon Valkyries (def. Regina Riot)

2020: Season cancelled as a result of COVID-19

2021: Season cancelled as a result of COVID-19

2022: Saskatoon Valkyries (def. Manitoba Fearless)