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WWCFL Vaccination Policy Addendum 1.0 (March 14, 2022)

The WWCFL is amending its vaccination policy to allow unvaccinated players, coaches and team staff to participate in practices without proof of vaccination. However, players, coaches and team staff who are not double vaccinated must provide a negative PCR test, at the individual's own expense, within 72 hours prior to a WWCFL game to participate in the game.

Each team, at their own discretion, may abide by the amended policy, dated March 14, 2022, or continue to implement the original policy dated December 19, 2021.

Teams who maintain the original policy may grant accommodations under Canadian human rights legislation or valid medical condition.

Players, coaches and team staff who are not double vaccinated and who choose to provide a negative PCR test to participate in games, must provide test results to the designated member of their team staff.

The WWCFL retains the right to remove this addendum at any time.

A growing interest for women's tackle football led to the creation of the Western Women's Canadian Football League in 2011. Today, our league consists of eight teams in seven major Canadian cities, spread across three provinces. Those eight teams are divided into two conferences; the Prairie Conference (out of Saskatchewan and Manitoba) and the Western Conference (out of Alberta). In the Prairie Conference, are the Regina Riot and the Saskatoon Valkyries from Saskatchewan, and the two Manitoba teams, the Winnipeg Wolfpack and the Manitoba Fearless (based out of Winnipeg). Over in the Western Conference, we have the Calgary Rage, the Edmonton Storm and the Lethbridge Steel.

Each year, our teams compete in a four-game regular season within their conferences beginning in early May and running until mid June. That regular season is followed by a playoff season of three games; the quarter-finals, the semifinals and the WWCFL final. However, we have had to adapt our schedule some seasons due to the Women's World Tackle Football Championship conflicting with our season.

WWCFL Champions

2011: Saskatoon Valkyries (def. Edmonton Storm)

2012: Saskatoon Valkyries (def. Lethbridge Steel

2013: Saskatoon Valkyries (def. Lethbridge Steel)

2014: Saskatoon Valkyries (def. Lethbridge Steel)

2015: Regina Riot (def. Edmonton Storm)

2016: Saskatoon Valkyries (def. Edmonton Storm)

2017: Regina Riot (def. Calgary Rage)

2018: Regina Riot (def. Saskatoon Valkyries)

2019: Saskatoon Valkyries (def. Regina Riot)

2020: Season cancelled as a result of COVID-19

2021: Season cancelled as a result of COVID-19